Alexis Jones

It is always a blessing to see our community’s youth stepping up to make a difference in our community and doing things that will bring a positive spotlight to our great city. Ms. Alexis Jones of Flint, MI fits that bill. Alexis is a freelance photographer that is making waves throughout the Flint community.

When asked what drives her to contribute to the community through photography, she made the following remarks: “I want to make a change and positively impact our young people. We have so much turmoil in our city and we need more people to help change that, so I figured I would do what I love to do and make some kind of impact doing it through photography.”

She has recently embarked on a project focusing on Flint violence titled “Home of the Brave” to honor those who have lost their lives due to violence here in the City of Flint. She is asking to photograph anyone who has lost a loved one as they hold a picture of that person in remembrance. This positive pro-Flint piece will be featured in Flint MAG. We are asking that those who would like to participate, in remembrance of their loved one contact Ms. Jones for more information on the project. She can be reached via email at: or by phone at 810.610.1598.

To view more of Alexis Jones work, please visit her official Facebook page at